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The Largest Car Community in the UAE

20,000+ Members - 200+ Drives/Meets


DubaiPetrolHeads X Miirak

Club Merchandise

DubaiPetrolHeads x Miirak is a collection the largest car community in the UAE collaborated with our brand to bring you new meaningful merchandise about the car community in the United Arab Emirates.


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About us

DubaiPetrolHeads is an open car community started by a random redditor while trying to search for a first car to purchase. After making a post on the infamous Dubai subreddit "r/Dubai" a bunch of Petrol Heads gathered together to pitch the idea of a car related subreddit in Dubai and hence DubaiPetrolHeads was born.

We are a community that welcomes any petrol head no matter what they drive. Our drives are open to everyone (unless stated) to join and have fun with.

We continuously host numerous meets and drive to various destinations across the UAE.

To keep up to date with all the drive dates you can follow us on Instagram.

Meet the Team

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