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  1. Respect admins and their decisions

  2. Follow the rules posted for any drives and meets

  3. Bullying and harassment of other members will not be tolerated.

  4. Please be mature; do not use racial, sexual, or otherwise derogatory words or slurs.

  5. Be constructive when presenting your opinions, and respect other people’s opinions as well.

  6. Do not post other’s personal information without their permission.

  7. No Excessive trolling, creation of drama, or other malicious behavior is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: ghost or spam pinging, alt accounts, initiating/participating in raids, impersonating members, and posting harmful links.

  8. Refrain from political topics

  9. No sharing links or advertising any garage, car club or business without prior consent from the admins (this includes DM advertising)

  10. No sharing videos without prior consent from original author

  11. No sharing videos of accidents, terrorism, actions resulting the death or/and injuries of a human or animal.

  12. No sharing illegal material, including but not limited to; pornography, drugs etc.

  13. No private messaging others members without prior consent thru the group or in person

  14. Self promotion to a personal car page is allowed in moderation however excessive promotion is forbidden.

  15. We are a club based in the United Arab Emirates and any rule broken as per the law is also applied within the group. You will be permanently banned from the group if there are any legal cases that arise from your presence in the group & you are fully liable for you actions & none of the admins or the founder will be responsible for them.

  16. We also do not accept any members that are currently part of You are free to leave the club and join us & vice-versa but you cannot be in both the clubs simultaneously.

  17. You need to be part of the announcements group chat in order to join the chat one. If you leave the announcements one then you will be kicked from the chat as well. Inactivity in announcement group chat for over 1 week will lead to a kick as well.

By being a part of this group you agree to all of the above rules. Breaking any rule may result in a temporary suspension or a permanent ban depending on the severity.

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